Full ownership and shares of building land of 6,044 sqm

For sale residential building land of 6,044 square meters, located in Santa Teresa di Gallura (SS), La Ficaccia hamlet, on Strada la Ficaccia Porto Quadro. The hamlet is about 80 m above sea level and is about 2.5 km from the town of Santa Teresa di Gallura. It is well connected to the road network and accessible both via the SS 133 bis, thanks to its location in a short time it is possible to reach the main centers of Gallura (Palau 21 km, La Maddalena 27 km, Arzachena 32 km, Olbia 59 km, Tempio Pausania 55 km).The land is located south of the coast, about 500 m from the sea. The plano-altimetric trend of the land in the area is not particularly lively, with a difference in height between the minimum and maximum altitudes having an order of magnitude of about 5 meters. The current state of the places of the land appears to be bushy, not cultivated, characterized by essences typical of Mediterranean vegetation with limited rocky outcrops.The parcels fall into sub-area C3.1 La Ficaccia; with a resolution of the City Council of 2014 and 2015 the adjustment of the P.U.C. was adopted, not yet definitively approved, which for these parcels falling in sub-area C3.1, the modification in sub-area C1.2. (this change does not involve differences for the purposes of the estimate).For Sub-area C3.1, similarly to C1.2, intended for residential settlements of an extensive nature, an Allotment Plan has been definitively approved, this plan has not yet been agreed. Considering that the C3.1 sector also includes cadastral parcels (1135, 1136, 1137 and 1138), not owned, the volume attributable to the parcels owned and at high altitude is approximately 3,682 cubic meters.Considering that in section C3.1, the volumes intended for residential use are approximately 3,100 cubic meters, those for services use approximately 900 cubic meters, calculated 3 cubic meters for each square meter of salable surface.The parcel 1154 falls within the area outside the approved subdivision plan.For more details, consult the attached Appraisal and the Town Planning Documentation.Property described in the appraisal as PROPERTY C.6. (reference particles only).Full ownershipTotal area of ​​land: 433 square meters1/4 share of ownership:Total area of ​​land: 5,611 square metersFull ownership of:Land (CT): Sheet 4 - Particles 1140, 1154 and 11551/4 share of ownership:Land (CT): Sheet 4 - Particles 870, 1126, 1127, 1128, 1129, 1130, 1131, 1132, 1133, 1134, 1141, 1142, 1143, 1144, 1145, 1146, 1147, 1148, 1149, 1150, 1151 , 1152 and 1153Collaborating units (CF): Sheet 4 - Particle 1011 Visita l'immobile: www.realestatediscount.it/aste-immobili/piena-proprieta-e-quote-di-terreni-edificabili-di-6-044-mq-10137/


  • Contratto : Vendita
  • Riferimento : 10015
  • Tipologia: Terreno
  • Comune: Santa Teresa Gallura
  • Prezzo: 181.170 €
  • Mq: 6.044
  • Classe energetica:
  • I.P.E.:N.D.

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Rata mensile
574 €

  • Importo richiesto : 181.170 €
  • Mutuo finanziato: 144.936 €
  • Durata mutuo: 30 anni
  • TAN: 2.28%
  • TAEG: 2,41%
  • LTV: 80%
  • Liquidità iniziale: 36.234 €

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